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Measures for the COVID19's Containment

The Italian Government has issued some measures on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, applicable on the whole national territory.

What can I do to protect myself?
Stay informed about the spread of the pandemic, available on the WHO website and on the ministry website, and take the following personal protection measures:

  •  wash your hands often;
  •  avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections;
  •  avoid hugs and handshakes;
  •  maintaining, in social contacts, an interpersonal distance of at least one meter;
  •  respiratory hygiene (sneezing and / or coughing in a handkerchief avoiding hand contact with respiratory secretions);
  •  avoid the promiscuous use of bottles and glasses;
  •  do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
  •  cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough;
  •  do not take antiviral drugs and antibiotics, unless they are prescribed by your doctor;
  •  clean the surfaces with chlorine or alcohol based disinfectants;
  •  use the mask when you are in public areas
  • If you have a fever, cough or breathing difficulty and suspect that you have been in close contact with a person with Covid-19 respiratory disease: stay at home, do not go to the emergency room or doctors' offices but call your family doctor, pediatrician or medical guard on the phone.  Use the emergency numbers 112/118 only if strictly necessary.


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